Lexus of Tampa Bay and I teamed up again for another round! The difference this time was instead of photographing just one individual car on for the shoot I covered multiple vehicles for the inaugural Lexus Owners Meet that took place on May 18th. By the end of the event, about 40 cars had rolled through, including a showing of 7 IS-F’s. I was in heaven. This is the beginning of many Lexus Owner Meets and Events beginning here in Tampa, Fl. The next meet will take place on the 8th of June at 6pm.

Lexus Owners Meet at Lexus of Tampa Bay

There were lot of great outfits that showed and here a few of my ultra favorites:

Clean and Static SC430
Lexus Owners Meet - Slammed SC430

Lexus Owners Meet - Slammed SC430

Lexus Owners Meet - Slammed SC430 - Junction Produce

Rotiform SNA on a Lexus? Why not?!
Lexus Owners Meet - is250 is350 on Rotiforms SNA

Lexus Owners Meet - is250 is350 on Rotiforms SNA - Rear Quarter Shot

Ultrasonic Blue anything is just heaven!
Lexus Owners Meet - Lexus ISF Ultra Sonic Blue Stanced
Lexus Owners Meet - Lexus ISF lowered with Toms Kit

A great example of my ideal IS250/IS350 rolling on some Works.
Lexus Owners Meet - Lexus IS250 IS350 slammed on Works

Lexus Owners Meet - Lexus IS250 IS350 slammed on Works

Lexus Owners Meet - Lexus ISF at Lexus of Tampa Bay

This one is pretty special and everyone smiled at this beauty. If your an enthusiast you can see why and the team over at Lexus of Tampa Bay was filled with pride as they did most, if not all, of the work to this IS-F. Upgrades include installing the full Tom’s kit, glazed headlamps, blackout to the front mesh and performance bolt-ons. The wheels are Vossen CV5’s with fitment help from Wheel Tec of Tampa.
Lexus Owners Meet - Lexus ISF rolling on Vossen CV5

Lexus Owners Meet - Lexus ISF rolling on Vossen CV5

Lexus Owners Meet - Lexus IS250 IS350 lowered on some Vossen Wheels

Lexus Owners Meet - Lexus ISF Ultrasonic Blue at Lexus of Tampa Bay

Lexus Owners Meet - Lexus of Tampa Bay

If you’re a fan of cars, Lexus, a die hard enthusiast or just want to look at some great outfits, show up at the next Lexus Owners Meet where I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

As we walk through life we experience events made up of both failures and accomplishments. I’m pretty convinced that somewhere floating in orbit there exist an individual timeline for each of us made up of several hash marks with footnotes pointing to those individual events. I imagine that they indicate the moments that we encounter along our journey-the first time you road a roller coaster, the feeling you had while drinking your Mom’s chicken noodle soup when you were sick or in my case Pho, walking into a lousy job, passing gas on a date and then watching your date try really hard to pretend they didn’t notice, seeing snow for the first time, failing a test, your first kiss-both the nervous feeling you get beforehand and the after affect high, a first place ribbon, quitting your corporate job to follow your passion in photography and start your own business-which is what I did, capturing an awesome photo that you thought was just another photo but becomes revered, you get the picture-pun intended. Sometimes these moments in the ebb and flow of life are so awesome we want to lock them up in a time capsule and never forget them, other moments we wish the hash tags didn’t exist and hope that no one, especially our selves, remembers them.


But should we want to forget any of these moments? It seems in life people only want the “good” and not the “bad”. So in the business world you find business owners, especially artist, only wanting the “successes” and none of the “failures”. Even in our lowest of lows, you know the ones we sometimes feel we will never get out of, should we ever want to forget them? Aren’t those the ones that make the journey worth traveling? I definitely didn’t like the moments of doubt or the self questions of “Am I good enough?”; but I don’t look at those moments necessarily as failures but rather serious learning moments in which we see what to do and definitely what not to do.

Raul Bboy Re-edit

The decision to begin my journey wasn’t easy. My passion for photography has always been very present, the longing to have my own company has been an ambition and goal of mine for as long as I can remember but jumping ship at my corporate job and the uncertainty of the future was daunting, especially with a wife and new born daughter to support. It was odd, I had so many supporters cheering me at the onset of the journey and just as many Nay Sayers. Some thought I was crazy and my wife Sharonne, even crazier for supporting me. I didn’t take the first step blindly. I sat down, wrote out all the important things to solidify and make permanent, like a business plan, budget, timeline and a marketing plan-they all got trashed!!! All the business and marketing majors reading this are gasping out of horror and the artist are like “yeah!” But you have to remember there is usually a derailing (giant squid) factor that if you overcome during your expedition will become an extraordinary enlightenment. For me it was trashing the structured “business plan and marketing plans” and realizing it was okay to let my clients, my audience the world see me. Plain old me, amazingly that’s what people like. Taking photos, capturing images that reflect what and how I see the world and everything in it. I believe that is what the heart of a business plan for a photographer should like, then comes the structuring of the business.


My business was started because of my family with my muse being our daughter. It took all the faith I have in God, the love and support from Sharonne (who is also my agent rep) and a lot of money from our bank accounts! There were days where I would stare at the phone wondering why it didn’t ring, why people weren’t banging at my door. Then came nights when I didn’t want to tell Sharonne that I was second guessing my decision. But through it all I always kept taking photos to stay on my ‘A’ game both technically and creatively. In all the posting of photos, social media, blogging, sending out promo e-mailers & mailers, making calls, you sometimes wonder are your efforts in vain? Does anyone avain read your Facebook posts? The real question: Is your bait that’s out there on the line going to reel in the right folks? That’s what I meant about being yourself. If your fish are potential clients, ad agencies, or publications then your bait better be the real deal and not a plastic lure. Look to the work of others for inspiration but make what you do yours so that you inspire others. You will never know your efforts until you get the call, if you get a call at all. Until then, you have to make sure, that you’re not only showing great work but awesome character. One might think that it’s only when you reach great success that everything you do or have done will be dissected, analyzed, washed and repeated. But I believe it happens along the journey. Sometimes you’re doing it yourself and a lot of times it’s an unknown person in the crowd waiting to buy a ticket to sit in your audience. Staying true to yourself, your art and your brand, that’s what people are attracted to. Just like hanging out with the someone with the cool, confident but chill personality those eyes in the business world watching you as an artist want the same thing. Someone who’s more than just awesome at taking photos but easy to work or collaborate with. Some of my best clients have come from FB or another social media entity. Whether it was them reaching out to me or me giving them a call.


No one can ever predict where they will ultimately end up, but I’m absolutely certain that you have a say in steering the car and your attitude along the way. The only thing you can do is believe and no matter if you’re working at a temp job or a “dead end job” for the time being, you make sure that you’re continuously creating kick ass work. Hopefully you don’t stop when you ultimately get to where you were headed on your journey. I want to surpass that! It’s a bizarre yet scary feeling. My journey has been as the path has forced me to knock on doors that weren’t open; push through faint gaps and come out of the shadows to create a defined characteristic of myself. Starting a new journey that has no defined or definite path is usually viewed as foolish but you always have hear stories of those foolish decisions leading to amazing journeys that open up to new ideas of hope and happiness, ultimately leading to your purpose. My “foolish” expedition into photography would be one.

skate2 web

So that’s a little snippet of my journey so far and some images how I’ve built Nam Phan Photography. This May marks our Two Year Anniversary and it has been an awesome walk. Just remember, when you think you’re alone with no plan-or a plan that gets trashed, someone is watching you. Just maintain a strong character, keep rockin’ out creativity and your efforts will be rewarded.

Concavo Wheels Audi A5/S5

That image right there all started almost 2 months ago. I just have been really busy lately so these experimental projects have been left collecting dust and filled up with loneliness until recently.

A little background.. this super duper clean 2002 Pontiac Bonneville belongs to my father in-law. I usually don’t like to take photos of my personal cars because I know them inside and out. I like a challenge and wanted to use a car that I’m not too familiar in regards to the lines and body features. I have a tendency of going to these creepy dark places to do these type of photos but since this is my father in-law’s car, I didn’t want to come back home empty handed and explained why I arrived back in a taxi, no in a Bonneville. So at 1am, I thought the safest place would be at the Glazer Children Museum. Don’t ask me why I thought a children museum would be any safer at 1am when all the parents and kids are sleeping around this time but I made it back 100% intact.

Back to the point.. this image consists about 3 or 4 different exposures. Like my last attempt, I used the same method which was a long exposure (15 or 30 seconds), a vagabond battery, and a Craftsman worklamp.

Okay, enough reading. Check out the video of me rambling and the different layers used in Photoshop

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