PREVIEW 2 | Orlon Mix

PREVIEW 2 | Orlon Mix from nam phan on Vimeo.

Another trailer to the demo reel I have been working with Orlon which I creatively labeled it as “Preview 2”. (If you haven’t seen the World Premiere of “Preview 1”, check it out Photographed on a cold and windy night somewhere around the University of South Florida. We actually stumbled upon this location after our regular spot at the Argos building was locked down with another large dance crew. Call it divine intervention or just call it just the best luck ever, the new location was a better fit.

Shot on a Canon 7d peering through a Canon EF-S 17-55 f/2.8 while gliding around on a Pico Dolly. Post production was done through Adobe After Effects CS6 and Sony Vegas Pro 12.

If there is no struggle, there is no progress. -Fredrick Douglass


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Here’s a quick rundown of this nifty device, the Tascam im2. Ordered it from B&H photos for about $50 with free shipping as it would normally run around the $80-$90 range. As you can see, the Tascam im2 is a condenser microphone which works with ipod, ipad, and the iphone 4. It’s a great little item at it’s current price especially if you have never been exposed the great power of a condenser microphone. You can monitor audio while using this device only if you’re mating it with an iphone 4 or ipad. Unfortunately, the im2 blocks the headphone jack on the ipod rendering the whole monitoring aspect useless.

So, if you have any one of those i-devices, I highly recommend giving the Tascam im2 a look especially at $50. At around $80-$90, I would place the im2 in the novelty as you can pick up small dedicated field recorders around this price range that have expandable memory, female 1/4 20 threading, and the ability to monitor audio.