And I’ll leave you with this image to savor during our time with friends and family..


**Update January 1, 2014**

2013 was pretty awesome and brought us hope and inspiring achievements not just to myself but to my whole family as Nam Phan Photography is a family business.

We never realized how far we’ve reached until one of us received that phone call/email from an agency we would never expect.

There is not a right or wrong way to pursue your dreams; all you do is just keep an open mind and believe that everything will be okay in the end. You will meet the deep depths plenty of times but you will also conquer challenges that would never expect.

Sharonne, Lili and I wish everybody a prosperous 2014 and want to say “Thank You So Much” for your support!


Project: The Package

I’ve been putting together a mailer/package for restaurants to promote my photography business. Just a quick clip of the concept, contents and tips.
Props to Clint Davis ( for sharing his work and inspiring me to create a decent mailer.

I’ll update this in about a month and let you guys/gals know how effectiveness of my small budget campaign. If you have done anything like this before, by all means, please share any tips. 🙂

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Review: eBay Lens Hood for Canon 50mm 1.8

Choices: To save money with an eBay lens hood or go for elite status for the real deal lens hood from Canon. As you can tell, I chose the former. Hey, it was only $5 so I thought it was worth a gamble.

Buying and receiving this item from eBay was the usual no drama affair. Click on the ‘buy it now’ button, pay for your goods and just wait around your mailbox for about a week.

From what I’ve seen and read, the Canon lens hood is a two piece design. I’m not too sure what the adapter is made out of but the hood itself is metal. As for this $5 eBay lens hood, it is a one piece plastic construction. If you’re prone to swinging around your camera and accidentally banging your lens on hard objects, I’m pretty sure this hood will break as it is just strong enough to hold a form.

Other than the fact my lens cap does not an entirely tight grip on the hood, it serves it purpose quite well which is to block stray sunlight from washing out your pics and occasionally keeps stray objects away from touching the precious glass.

So for $5, I got my money’s worth already. If this hood does eventually breaks into pieces, I honestly would probably stretch an extra Jackson for the real deal.