And I’ll leave you with this image to savor during our time with friends and family..


**Update January 1, 2014**

2013 was pretty awesome and brought us hope and inspiring achievements not just to myself but to my whole family as Nam Phan Photography is a family business.

We never realized how far we’ve reached until one of us received that phone call/email from an agency we would never expect.

There is not a right or wrong way to pursue your dreams; all you do is just keep an open mind and believe that everything will be okay in the end. You will meet the deep depths plenty of times but you will also conquer challenges that would never expect.

Sharonne, Lili and I wish everybody a prosperous 2014 and want to say “Thank You So Much” for your support!


Early Bird Mini Session

Sure, the heat outside is still pretty relentless but the cool weather and the turkey-filled holidays are right around the corner. With that being said, we’re throwing down on an early bird mini-session but there’s only limited openings so reserve your spots pronto!

Same great quality, fun experience yet at an early bird rate.

15 minutes – 3 looks – 1 outfit – private gallery + $175 = Early Bird Mini Session 🙂


dj + jessica :: engagement and holiday shoot

Wednesday, brought in a rare cold front that rolled through with wind, rain and gloominess. Our shoot was rescheduled for Sunday which was again a bit windy and cloudy with rain in the forecast. I was leaning towards picking up the phone at 6am and calling Jessica and DJ to reschedule but despite the weather DJ and Jessica wanted to go ahead with the shoot. I couldn’t be much more happier with a clients decision.

Usually, I would throw a couple of photos up and let the few images craft a story of a million words. I decided to show my hand to everybody in hopes we can grab the feel of raw emotions of a pair nucleuses coming together, crafting a explosion so bright that we would all want to gather around and then inevitably embrace the warmth like fire flies.

The wind, the overcast, the rough waters was all forgotten; I’m so blessed to partake this shoot and close out 2011 on a high note.

Without further ado, check out the video and hopefully it brings some sunshine to your day as it still lights mine.