Happy Mother's DayI wanna wish all the Moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day today! Normally I’m the one behind the camera but it’s obvious I wasn’t here. I’m thankful for my mom and love her very much…now if only she was only internet savvy and could see this. I’m in serious debt to my mom for the lifetime of service I receive! She was the one that I ran to, as a little runt, when I got hurt or wasn’t feeling well. She was the one always looking over my shoulder, even when I didn’t think she was and up until this day she always wants to prepare my favorite dishes. Being a husband and a father has made me realize the work and rewards of being a parent, the work my mother put in and the love she got in return. And then there are times, I’m sure, like most parents, that she felt all of her efforts were unappreciated, unnoticed or forgotten. They weren’t Ma and I love you!

I also want to give a huge thumbs up to the mother of my daughter, my wife, who deserves thanks everyday for all that she does. I love this woman with all my heart I’m giving her a Supercell high-five for her Super Mom services. I’m realizing that women really do have superpowers, it’s not a myth or fantasy.

Wishing all the Moms out there Happy Mother’s Day!

Such a crazy Saturday but would do it all over again! Help Portrait was the best thing I have ever done. For most of us, having a cell phone and any type of camera, we take that for granted but within the slices of society, some have never ever have had a portrait of themselves or with their families.. ever!

Donating one day to produce a family’s first ever portrait will be their lifetime.


Early Bird Mini Session

Sure, the heat outside is still pretty relentless but the cool weather and the turkey-filled holidays are right around the corner. With that being said, we’re throwing down on an early bird mini-session but there’s only limited openings so reserve your spots pronto!

Same great quality, fun experience yet at an early bird rate.

15 minutes – 3 looks – 1 outfit – private gallery + $175 = Early Bird Mini Session 🙂

The past month I’ve been crazy busy and as a photographer, I have been taken to new parts of town that I’ve never seen or heard of. One thing that has been a constant is this summer in Tampa, Fl is the scorching heat, so much so that I’ve been going to church and repenting all of my sins so I don’t end up in hell when the man up above decides my afterlife assignment. Yet, for some reason, this weekend’s photo shoot was relatively cool. I actually thought that the Cruz’s were officially shutting down the summer just so we could all see little Antonio shine and celebrate his 6 month B-Day.

This photo shoot went down in their neighborhood park that they mentioned to me during our ‘one-on-one’ dinner a few nights before the shoot. Somehow, they overlooked their local park as a “hot spot” but I’m pretty sure they will appreciate the lush and vast green grass their own backyard from now on.


Mr Froggie Needs Visine

Something told to me to look at my bird house before walking inside from a morning shoot and to my eyes, I’ve spotted this well camo red-eyed frog. As long he eat the bugs, he’s more than welcomed to stay.

Shot on Canon 7d with 17-55 f/2.8 barrel. Photo edit and cropped in lightroom.

Over the weekend I had the pleasure to photograph Ravi, Nina and their newest edition to the clan, Maya. I have to give many thanks to all the gods for giving us a break with the rainy weather. If you live or have been in Florida for the past week, we have been rained on some much, it’s not even fun to jump into puddles anymore.

There’s a handful of photos that I still have to sort through but I’ll give you guys a little slice of creamy pastry goodness today. I’m not going to brag but I feel so blessed to be able to do what I do and capture photos of such a happy bunch of people together which truly defines what a family and love should be. After the shoot I sped home and I gave everybody in my house (family, friends, strangers and my pet dog Yoshi) a big death grip hug and told them, “I love you!”

Well, without further ado, here’s a short preview featuring the awesome ravi + nina + maya.


1 More Day for the Turkey

We’re all one day away from glorifying a fairly large bird known as the turkey (Meleagris).

What I want you to do is to snap a photo on this day! It could be anything such as family, food, games and share us a glimpse on how you spend your thanksgiving day.

I’ll be sharing mine here within the comments section and will be posting it on twitter via hash tag “#1125pics”.