PREVIEW 2 | Orlon Mix

PREVIEW 2 | Orlon Mix from nam phan on Vimeo.

Another trailer to the demo reel I have been working with Orlon which I creatively labeled it as “Preview 2”. (If you haven’t seen the World Premiere of “Preview 1”, check it out Photographed on a cold and windy night somewhere around the University of South Florida. We actually stumbled upon this location after our regular spot at the Argos building was locked down with another large dance crew. Call it divine intervention or just call it just the best luck ever, the new location was a better fit.

Shot on a Canon 7d peering through a Canon EF-S 17-55 f/2.8 while gliding around on a Pico Dolly. Post production was done through Adobe After Effects CS6 and Sony Vegas Pro 12.

If there is no struggle, there is no progress. -Fredrick Douglass


PREVIEW | Orlon Mix

PREVIEW | Orlon Mix from nam phan on Vimeo.

You probably seen my good friend Orlon scattered around my portfolio works. What can I say, if you have talented friends within your circle, why not?!

After much consideration and talking late one night while chowing down burritos at the Taco Bus we gave it a “Thundercats GO!” approval.

The vimeo footage is just some snippets from one night in some vacant USF open area (Argos). Orlon still have a lot of bruises to lay down, lot of Gatorade’s to chug and beef Taco’s before we call this a wrap. So enjoy this little snippet on what’s more to come.

BTS: Captured on a Canon 7D with a Canon 17-55 EF-S lense. Edit in Adobe After Effects CS6 and Sony Vegas Pro. Music credit: Liar by Modcon

I honestly don’t know what drove me to do this, but a few weeks back I decided to rehash my photos from a shoot I did around June ’11 (Oh and if you want to view the suspect image, its right here ->

Looking back, I couldn’t believe that I would release this one particular photo. I’m not speaking about the composition or accuracy in settings of the shot, I’m speaking in terms of the post production. So I did a re-edit of the jpeg file from my old blog and here’s my 2013 take on it..

What was I thinking back in 2011? I released the photo pretty much as is, my thoughts? I wish I could tell you, but I really don’t remember. Maturing in the fields of photography I dabble in and refining my post production skills over time has brought me to another level in my aesthetic for design philosophy. What do I mean by this? It’s simple…but complicated, so I’ll make it simple. Instead of treating them as two separate talents (which I know they are) I realized that they are married. I had to master both of them or find someone to marry (other than Sharonne) that was the other half. The two are actually one-given the circumstances require them. I’ll state that I do believe that a photographer should be able to capture a shot, composition and accuracy wise, from the beginning-in other words, pre-Photoshop. However, depending on the genre(s) of photography you shoot in, the post production process is greatly needed and I have found myself with a greater appreciation of it. There are a lot of shots I take where Photoshop is not needed and I refuse it because of the “feel” that I’m looking for. Which brings me to my point. Being a commercial and lifestyle photographer I photograph a couple different genres and love all of them. However, I have come to learn and experience, that a photographer is not just a person with a camera pushing a button who then hands their files over the the retoucher or graphic designer. A photographer is a script writer, a producer and a director. This applies to all fields of photography especially commercial and lifestyle-used for commercial use. You have to be able to see the big picture in order to capture the one in front of you. If I have a client I have to see the picture before it is even captured. Depending on what the end use of the images you have to be able to determine how to shoot the photo in the present for what it is going to be used for in the future. Sometimes that requires some crazy epic photoshoping of the images shot on set and a lot of times it doesn’t. Nevertheless, I have to be open to my clients needs, the creativity of the project and my vision as a photographer. Most of all I have to keep the integrity of the image and the artistry of the project.

Looking back on all the images that I have had both the honor and pleasure of capturing, I remember the most important things of all, gratitude and humility. My appreciation for the results of the hard work I have invested into learning and pushing myself towards the edge of the earth for that enrichment of wisdom leads to talent. But without the pieces and moments that make up of our lives, what would I have to capture.

Geez, I have come a long way! 🙂

Some people from various forums asked me what entailed as a ‘simple’ edit to one of my recent bboy photo. Well, here’s a quick bts of the edit. Its not the actual edit to final production in this video capture but should give you an idea of what was involved.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonardo da Vinci

Last night, I decided to rollout with my brother, Viet, to a session on campus in downtown Denver. A decent amount of people were on deck throughout the night but plenty of raw talent and dedication. I didn’t take too much video but decided to squeeze and puree my creative mojo for all you guys/gals.

As for the video, I pieced it together via Windows Live Movie Maker (gasp!) and then slightly tweaked via Youtube (double gasp!!). Did I spill the secret sauce? Scoop it while you can.


Sorry fellow citizens of the internets! I shared this with everybody on all of my other channels (facebook, twitter, vimeo, youtube, google+) and totally neglected you guys & gals whom call my blog home. Since the quest for the world cup just started, I guess the timing is somewhat appropriate.

A couple weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to do some coverage for the USL PDL VSI Tampa Flames. Lot’s of ABC’s going on with the name but let me explain really quickly for this really unqiue sports program. The USL would be equivalent to the MLS (soccer) here in the states. I really don’t know if the MLS draft their players from universities like the NFL (football) but the USL have a ‘farm’ league known as the PDL which stands for Premier Development League. To me, its very similar to the minor leagues of the MLB (folks, it’s baseball if you’re not following me). USL PDL wiki

Enjoy ^u^


A Broken Break Shoot

Finally got around reviewing and editing these pics. Shot in downtown Tampa on top of the Bank of America parking garage. Using my Jetta as the beat source, Raul, Viet, Sharonne (2nd shooter) and I had a great time shooting and hanging out on this sunny weekday. I was surprised we had at least an hour of shooting time before being approached by a kid in a suit. With much respect, we left without any drama but was a bit disappointed as we were all just getting warmed up and started to dial the right amount of magic for greatness. I guess we just had to bag and show the world another time. Enjoy the pics..


Red Bull BC One :: Tampa

Sunday was a battle for a trip to Chicago qualifiers for the Red Bull BC One, but only one person can go to Chi-Town. 8 dope bboys from Florida but only the best one of the night will be repping the gun shaped state of FL. After the dust settled, sweat and hard work still on the floor, the victorious Vicious Vic took the belt.

Following the Red Bull event, Sirqix 6 Jam took place. About 60 crews all signed up and then there was a freestyle dance-off. Yea, it was a long long night that went on ’til 2:30am Monday morning. I hope some of these guys/gals have some sick days to call out of work to catch some sleep.