For the longest, I have wanted to photograph a Tesla Model S. For about a 3 month span, I looked high and low for a Model S like you do with a lost set of car keys. As I was turning over every box and couch cushion on this hunt the quandary that I was in hit me. I didn’t know someone that might know someone that hopefully knew a special someone with a trimmed out Tesla. Every other vehicle was available and offered up to me. I would ask for a Tesla and the response would be “No, but I can get you a Ferrari.” The whole Tesla project was pretty much turning into a unicorn hunt. I pretty much gave up. Then out of nowhere, Warren from Concavo Wheels contacted me to photograph a customer’s Tesla Model S repping a staggered set of CW-S5. At first, I thought he said a Mercedes since I had succumbed to the idea that Teslas are the unicorns of the automotive world. It was too good to be true, my hopes were fulfilled by the needs of my client’s. My personal project coincided with my assignment. This is what every photographer hopes for-to be able to shoot what you love and get paid to do it!


As I was waiting for the client at our hippy Tampa Heights randevú, a stunning white Model S rolling on the set Concavo CW-S5, that I mentioned earlier, appeared as it approached our meeting spot. My unicorn had arrived!


The location for the shoot took place in an area that I would consider Tampa’s equivalent to Portlandia. I’m surprised no one decided to put a ‘put a bird’ on the outside of this all electric vehicle ride.




-Equipment List-
Body: Canon 7D
Lens: Canon 17-55 f/2.8
Lighting: Alien Bees B800
Support: Manfrotto 055xb w/ Manfrotto 496rc2





Be sure to check out the rest of the line-up of wheels from Concavo at www.concavowheels.com and be on the lookout for these photos on their website and in future publications.

Here’s the first in line of a new video segment that I’m putting out for all you photog and DIY geeks like myself. I’m calling it a pretty obvious and self explanatory name, Construct. All of the segments in the Construct series will consist of fairly straight forward weekend DIY’s, hacks and shortcuts. For this particular project, I’m showing off how to craft an ir Blaster. For those that don’t know, an ir Blaster basically acts as a wireless shutter release for your camera. This should work for a variety of camera manufacturers (i.e. Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Fuji). Check out the video with more details right after the break.

Here’s the shopping list you’ll need while rummaging through your garage and hitting up your local nerd synagogue-Radio Shack:

2 x infrared LEDs (950nm)
3.5mm headphone jack
Crazy Glue
Soldering Iron

A couple of pointers when putting this homemade ir Blaster together:

  • For the 3.5mm headphone jack, you’re going to use just the positive terminals from the left and right channel. As for the negative terminal, you can just trim it off but make sure it does not come into contact with any of the positive terminals as it will render your ir Blaster useless.
  • According to the internet gods, the infrared LEDS would need to be wired in a reverse parallel fashion. I’ve never heard of reverse parallel but I’m not going to call up my 8th grade science teacher to try and confirm this so called reverse parallel shenanigan. So, for LED #1, the positive lead(+) should go to the left channel and the negative lead(-) should go to the right channel of the headphone jack. As for LED #2, the positive lead should go to the right channel and the negative lead(-) should go to the left channel.
  • If you want the LEDs to sit flush to each other, just stroke a little sand paper to make them fit all nice and cozy.

I haven’t had a chance to try the ir Blaster on a variety of phones but I’m currently rockin’ a Motorola Atrix 4g with Cyanogenmod which worked fine-most of you out there have a far better Android or iPhone so you should be fine. As for actual trigger performance and camera response, it worked really well. I hit my limit for the maximum distance I was able to trigger the camera from at around the 8 foot range. With that said, this isn’t the Holy Grail of wireless shutter release gadgets that’s going to allow you to go out and replace your Pocket Wizards with but for a mere $10 and an hour of your time, it can serve you very well if you’re in a pinch and if you don’t need the extended range.

Have any questions? Post it down below.


Cliffs Notes

+ Headed to Colorado right after the day where we all ‘Merican’s set the sky on fire to celebrate our independence.

+ Due to the fires set on the land of Colorado, my beloved Pikes Peak Hill Climb race was canceled which brought a lot of sad faces including me.

+ Did a lot of fishing. Curse you whomever you are that set those fires.

+ Hip-Hip-Hooray! Congrats to Chris + Lauren. Francis and I photographed their union right behind the ridge line that once held the fire behind the city of Boulder. (see following post for more details).

+ Curious: X-rays

While waiting in line with the other cattle to be processed through airport security, I always wondered, ‘how would it be like to be scanned through the x-ray machine?’. Granted, I wanted to go home, not to the detention center, so I enlisted my trusty ipod to give me a glimpse of the wonderful yet mysterious airport x-ray machine.

Oh snap?! You don’t say? I’m published on Google Currents!

**woot woot**

Now, you don’t have an excuse if you don’t have 3g/4g on that tablet or at&t capped your bandwidth. You can read all of my nonsense and morsels offline.

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Sorry fellow citizens of the internets! I shared this with everybody on all of my other channels (facebook, twitter, vimeo, youtube, google+) and totally neglected you guys & gals whom call my blog home. Since the quest for the world cup just started, I guess the timing is somewhat appropriate.

A couple weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to do some coverage for the USL PDL VSI Tampa Flames. Lot’s of ABC’s going on with the name but let me explain really quickly for this really unqiue sports program. The USL would be equivalent to the MLS (soccer) here in the states. I really don’t know if the MLS draft their players from universities like the NFL (football) but the USL have a ‘farm’ league known as the PDL which stands for Premier Development League. To me, its very similar to the minor leagues of the MLB (folks, it’s baseball if you’re not following me). USL PDL wiki

Enjoy ^u^

Here’s a quick rundown of this nifty device, the Tascam im2. Ordered it from B&H photos for about $50 with free shipping as it would normally run around the $80-$90 range. As you can see, the Tascam im2 is a condenser microphone which works with ipod, ipad, and the iphone 4. It’s a great little item at it’s current price especially if you have never been exposed the great power of a condenser microphone. You can monitor audio while using this device only if you’re mating it with an iphone 4 or ipad. Unfortunately, the im2 blocks the headphone jack on the ipod rendering the whole monitoring aspect useless.

So, if you have any one of those i-devices, I highly recommend giving the Tascam im2 a look especially at $50. At around $80-$90, I would place the im2 in the novelty as you can pick up small dedicated field recorders around this price range that have expandable memory, female 1/4 20 threading, and the ability to monitor audio.


Instagram is Finally Here on Android

I’m not going to lie, I always wanted to be one of those Instagram hippies where they take photos on their iphone/ipod, throw some vintage holga-esque effects and wah-lah! Unfortunately, I had to sit on the sidelines and watch all the cool kids play with Instagram since I’m rocking an Android phone. Sure, I tried to look for Instagram want-a-be apps in the Android Market, but it’s not the same. It’s like that first day in kindergarden class, everyone whips out their fresh box of Crayola crayons and you’re the only one rocking the lame Roseart Crayons. Pretty lame.

I wanted in!

Finally after a couple of long restless nights of longing to be a hippie, the folks behind Instragram (wwww.instagr.am) heard my long, sorry cries and then brought joy by releasing it for the Android folks to party it up once and for all.

I know you want to join the fray. Feel free to follow me on instagram @ namphan813.

Grab your ticket here.. http://instagr.am/android/


Project: The Package

I’ve been putting together a mailer/package for restaurants to promote my photography business. Just a quick clip of the concept, contents and tips.
Props to Clint Davis (clintdavis.net) for sharing his work and inspiring me to create a decent mailer.

I’ll update this in about a month and let you guys/gals know how effectiveness of my small budget campaign. If you have done anything like this before, by all means, please share any tips. 🙂

Have any questions or comments?
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Google + -> Gplus.to/namphan


dj + jessica :: engagement and holiday shoot

Wednesday, brought in a rare cold front that rolled through with wind, rain and gloominess. Our shoot was rescheduled for Sunday which was again a bit windy and cloudy with rain in the forecast. I was leaning towards picking up the phone at 6am and calling Jessica and DJ to reschedule but despite the weather DJ and Jessica wanted to go ahead with the shoot. I couldn’t be much more happier with a clients decision.

Usually, I would throw a couple of photos up and let the few images craft a story of a million words. I decided to show my hand to everybody in hopes we can grab the feel of raw emotions of a pair nucleuses coming together, crafting a explosion so bright that we would all want to gather around and then inevitably embrace the warmth like fire flies.

The wind, the overcast, the rough waters was all forgotten; I’m so blessed to partake this shoot and close out 2011 on a high note.

Without further ado, check out the video and hopefully it brings some sunshine to your day as it still lights mine.