Hey there, I’m Nam Phan. Hello, is sometimes so formal. If this was one of those dating sites, judging from the photos I snap, you could safely assume that I love a lot of things, but only two women in this world-my wife and daughter. I’m the kind of guy who at first may seem somewhat of an introvert, but once you get to know me, I’m pretty cool kat. I dig the break dancing, skate, snowboarding, BMX and sports scene. I’m a Motorsports and automotive fanatic, and that’s probably an understatement. I keep happiness, love and laughter always in my life. I’m a self-proclaimed foodie and I’ve always been into the hip hop scene. Most of all, I like to share my world with others.

I’ve always had a camera in my hand and have been able to capture some pretty awesome images of everything that makes up life. I started shooting as a child. I was sort of a geek, and at the time it was just a hobby that I was good at and really enjoyed. I had no intentions of making it my sole professional career. That just doesn’t happen in a Vietnamese household, you’re either a doctor, an attorney, an engineer, own a nail salon or Phở Restaurant! While attending University of South Florida, as a Computer Engineer Major, I got a corporate job in the marketing field. Moving up through the ranks and being exposed to both the creative and business sides of the market gave me the foundation I needed to go with my entrepreneurial spirit and start my own business in marketing and web design. During this time I began shooting more and providing images for my client’s websites, advertisement and marketing material. But I still wasn’t thinking of photography as a career…I dug photography but it wasn’t enough. There was still a little bit of fear, and a little bit is sometimes all it takes to keep you from moving forward. I owe all the credit to my daughter and the big “G” above for jumping in and dissolving my fear.

A couple years back when my wife was pregnant we had to make a choice on daycare vs. staying at home. So we flipped a coin and I won. Cha-yeah! I got to stay at home with the light of my life, our beautiful daughter. In the meantime began strengthening and honing my skill set as a photographer while using her and all her toys as my models and props. Side Note: Kid toys in a self made macro-box will put you on the path to producing some kick butt creative product photography. And let’s face it, any child makes for some good portraits, regardless of your style. It’s around this time, I started falling for photography. I’ve always hated that cliché of “It just fell into my lap.” But it’s pretty much what sums up my story. I was falling for the fact that through photography I could tell stories, capture moments, share art, promote ideas and create conversation. I also realized that I wasn’t going to be a doctor or attorney and no longer wanted to be an engineer, so the goals my parents had for me were pretty much shot anyways. I had pretty much failed as their eldest son already, so why not jump? With nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain, I followed my passion. I became a photographer.

After developing a style, my brand, building a portfolio and having unlimited love, support and partnership from my wife, I dissolved my marketing and web design business to launch my own photography studio. I realized that I still loved assisting companies and clients in branding and marketing. The element that changed it all is my use of photography and all mediums of visual imagery to do it. I shoot both still and motion. Commercial, Lifestyle and Fine Art photography are my niches. I’ve had my work published, featured in art galleries and won awards for my work. I’ve had the opportunity to meet great people and see awesome places along this journey. But above everything, I have to say that winning the hearts and smiles along with some crazy noogies from my clients and followers of my work has been the greatest reward possible!

So if you’re looking for some creative “out of the box thinking,” someone whose going to push the limits on imagery, geek out with or just want to hang out and snap some photos, hit me up today!