It’s Valentine’s Day! Everyone is so excited and wanting to serenade their significant other. I am doing absolutely nothing…EXCEPT telling the world how much I love these two ladies below! Oh, and handing out Sponge Bob Valentines.

I fell in love with Sharonne many years ago and didn’t think that there would be anything and definitely not anyone more that I could love just as much, or even close. Then we had Liliana, the beauty on the left. Our daughter, she’s a bit of a Daddy’s Girl. My heart was captured twice. I shouldn’t be surprised she stole my heart, love creates more love. I love these two more than anything, even photography. But it’s nice that I get to take photos of them, a lot of photos.

I hope everyone out there is has a great Valentine’s Day! And if you have some extra love floating around you, reach out and hug somebody!

Oh, and about those Sponge Bob Valentine’s, if you want one, hit me up via email -or- on Facebook

About the author

Nam Phan is an award winning commercial, lifestyle and fine art photographer. He also enjoys a great bowl of hot Phở (Phở Đặc Biệt to be exact), fishing, playing Super Mario Bros and hanging with wife and daughter. Nam is based out of Tampa, Florida and Denver, Colorado but knows no boundaries and will travel anywhere at anytime to capture awesome photography, work with kick butt individuals and produce creative projects.

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