That image right there all started almost 2 months ago. I just have been really busy lately so these experimental projects have been left collecting dust and filled up with loneliness until recently.

A little background.. this super duper clean 2002 Pontiac Bonneville belongs to my father in-law. I usually don’t like to take photos of my personal cars because I know them inside and out. I like a challenge and wanted to use a car that I’m not too familiar in regards to the lines and body features. I have a tendency of going to these creepy dark places to do these type of photos but since this is my father in-law’s car, I didn’t want to come back home empty handed and explained why I arrived back in a taxi, no in a Bonneville. So at 1am, I thought the safest place would be at the Glazer Children Museum. Don’t ask me why I thought a children museum would be any safer at 1am when all the parents and kids are sleeping around this time but I made it back 100% intact.

Back to the point.. this image consists about 3 or 4 different exposures. Like my last attempt, I used the same method which was a long exposure (15 or 30 seconds), a vagabond battery, and a Craftsman worklamp.

Okay, enough reading. Check out the video of me rambling and the different layers used in Photoshop

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Random Image

Chilling @ the Bro Bowl.. brah!

Talking about money and the state of the economy going way down past hell, it seem like the Festival of Speed Reception Event in Orlando made me forget where I was. Exotic cars, airplanes, sea crafts (aka Boats) and more exotic cars were everywhere. Great event as I got to chit chat with car nuts and down to earth people. Oh yeah, and my tush sat in a couple of fantasy cars: the Lexus LFA and the brand spank’in new Lamborghini Aventador. The pants I wore to the event that night, still haven’t washed as they smelled like pure creamy Italian leather that I will never ever ever ever ever… afford!

Sorry, I’m back to earth now. On with the pictures!

During the Labor Day weekend, my family and I took a 20+ hour road trip to visit my parents by the St Louis area. This set of photos is just a glimpse of the trip heading back home. To be exact, it’s from the St Louis to Nashville leg. The section of the trip was pretty cool; It’s like we were witnessing the metamorphosis of the long and tired summer into a brand new autumn. Stopping in Illinois at the Rend Lake Rest Stop, the changes were more evident as the rusted leaves were sprinkled across the ground. Unfortunately, the weather halted our progress back home to Tampa. As you can tell in one of the photos, somewhere behind the cloud cover should be a clear view of the mountain range but a slow and lumbering tropical storm by the name of Lee decided to mask the view. To top off this portion of our return trip and calling it a night at the Nashville Residence Inn, I was a bit surprised to discover some of these old school appliances were still in use. But I guess since they’re still working reliably: If it’s not broke don’t try to fix it. Or if you’re me, time to look for an upgrade during this year’s Black Friday Sale.

Well, downtown is my playground and on this playground were two newly engaged lovebirds that went by the names of Gigi and Rafael. Okay, so there wasn’t a tree for them to sit on, to catch them in the act and chant “k-i-s-s-i-n-g..” like a little school girl/boy. No, not this time and I was a bit sad that I couldn’t sing “Gig and Rafael sitting in a tree..” Yet something overcame that little bit of disappointment with joy! They will be doing something greater under God’s eyes: They will be getting married in a few short few days and those famous words of “I do” will resonant a lot louder then my inner little school boy “k-i-s-s-i-n-g..” chants.

Curl under a snuggie, grab a slice of real deal pizza, wrap your arm around a loved one and enjoy the following preview. **Raise the Curtains!** I present to you, gigi + ralph, the preview! **ahhhhh…!!**

Over the weekend I had the pleasure to photograph Ravi, Nina and their newest edition to the clan, Maya. I have to give many thanks to all the gods for giving us a break with the rainy weather. If you live or have been in Florida for the past week, we have been rained on some much, it’s not even fun to jump into puddles anymore.

There’s a handful of photos that I still have to sort through but I’ll give you guys a little slice of creamy pastry goodness today. I’m not going to brag but I feel so blessed to be able to do what I do and capture photos of such a happy bunch of people together which truly defines what a family and love should be. After the shoot I sped home and I gave everybody in my house (family, friends, strangers and my pet dog Yoshi) a big death grip hug and told them, “I love you!”

Well, without further ado, here’s a short preview featuring the awesome ravi + nina + maya.