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#ShredIT with OTC Racing

With 2020, you think being at home for 99% of the time, the idea of meeting new people and collaborating would never take place. Fortunately, I was at the right place and at the right time. While at the 2020 Grid Life Alpine Horizon event, I was looking at a broken carbon fiber drive shaft and out of no where, the person behind the carnage, Tasso, walks up and we just started chatting. He noticed my brother’s and my bags of cameras and just casually asked, “so, you ever want to do a video one day?”

Fast forward to beginning of November, we finally got theĀ thumbs-up from Pikes Peak International Raceway to utilize their dirt track and filming was on. We only had a short and narrow window to capture what Tasso would call it, a #ShredIT session. The session lived up to its name as we lost a GoPro to erroneous debris, losing a Zoom recorder due to a failed suction mount and tearing up a driveshaft on the last go.

Even we lost a couple of bits of equipment, what we gained from the 3 hours of recording was something awesome! I hope you enjoy our short video and we’re planning to do more videos with Tasso in the near future.

Equipment List

Thank you to Pikes Peak International Raceway, OTC Racing and Flatirons Tuning for making this all happen.

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