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GRIDLIFE // Alpine Horizon

It’s always tough for me to attend multi-day events now since I have a growing family but I am so grateful to have been able to at least attend one out of the three days in Fountain, Colorado for the Gridlife Alpine Horizon event. Usually Gridlife is just a huge trackday event however, the Alpine Horizon is a first of many. One is that this is furthest west Gridlife have ever been. Second, this event builds on top of the trackday event which included evening music from acts such as Borgore, GTA and Baauer, drifting, off-road course and camping.

If you follow me on Insta (which you should // namphan813), I was out there supporting the Flatirons Tuning crew which includes my brother’s Honda Civic running in HPDE and Flatirons Tuning’s Pikes Peak WRX running in Time Attack. With that said, I didn’t get the opportunity to venture outside the infield to check out the off-road dirt track.

Check out some of the photos in the gallery and I will be adding more through out the next couple of days. I will also include a video of Civic from my brother’s youtube channel, 919 Garage. This event was our really first big outing with the Civic and we’re happy to say, the Civic survived and looking forward to button up the car for the next event.

If a Gridlife event should be in any decent vicinity, I would recommend everyone to attend at least one. You can excuse yourself out of your 9-to-5 as I would consider this to be a once in a lifetime petrol pilgrimage.

Side note – Wondering where I’m going to be next? I will be at the upcoming Defcon1 event from August 10 to August 11. The event is going down at the Front Range Airport. For more info and tickets, check out the following link:

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