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Quickie Photoshoot // Gene S. 2017 Ford Focus RS

After getting rid of his Harley, my good friend Gene wanted to have something that he could he use throughout the winter months and a bit more practical. Being all-wheel drive and a handy hatchback, the 2017 Ford Focus RS checks off all the right boxes.

Gene have a lot of plans for the RS and wanted to me photograph the chronicles of modding. We didn’t really have much time, so we ran up the hill to the National Wind Technology Center right outside of Boulder. This place attracts plenty of attention from passerby and photographers curious of this facility’s windmills. Unfortunately, I’ve heard people have been ushered out of their driveway at times for whole bunch of reasons. With that said, we only had a few moments to snap some quick photos of the little hatchback.

This is just the beginning with new parts coming along the way (ie coilovers, wheels, ETS front mount, yada yada ya). How it sits, the RS is sporting front splitters and side skirts from Vega Motorworks and stage 1 turbo from ETS. Stay tuned for more on this ride!

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