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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Black Mountain Motorworks // 2017 Audi R8 V10

So you win the Powerball and now its time to execute the wishlist you’ve been updating since you were 8 years old. You know, that wishlist? The one with all of these cars and trucks you wanted, pinned and plastered all over your bedroom wall. The shipment of cars arrives and now you have a drive way that not large enough. So what do you do? Black Mountain Motorworks in Denver is the secured, climate control storage facility would be […]

Quickie Photoshoot // Gene S. 2017 Ford Focus RS

After getting rid of his Harley, my good friend Gene wanted to have something that he could he use throughout the winter months and a bit more practical. Being all-wheel drive and a handy hatchback, the 2017 Ford Focus RS checks off all the right boxes. Gene have a lot of plans for the RS and wanted to me photograph the chronicles of modding. We didn’t really have much time, so we ran up the hill to the National Wind […]